Shaes Been Kidnapped

Most of you have noticed that I haven’t been a part of any new scenes recently. When I say recently, it has actually been over a year since I last partook. It started out as a temporary hiatus to satiate my desire to travel, study, and experience new things. In these last 474 days of this life I call mine, I’ve taken many new paths that I simply did not intend to take – at least not yet.

Everything began once I boarded that plane to head down to the jungle in Ecuador. That one decision changed everything. I jumped into the abyss of a foreign place, carrying my substantial luggage of discomfort and uncertainty. I had no phone, and only had little retained knowledge of Spanish from my days in middle school. As I wandered around the airport by myself in the middle of the night, I did not feel fearful, but instead felt a sense of peace.. a sense of belonging. This was strange to me, though I did not question it. Later it was shown to me that I was in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. Over roughly the next three weeks I participated in seven ayahuasca ceremonies, learned about plant medicine, woke up every morning with the sun, and shared parts of me (that I didn’t like to share) with beautiful people whom I had just met. During my time there I found love, clarity, peace, questions, answers, and more of myself. There was nothing for me to do but just Be. I don’t know if any of you have ever had that privilege, but it was one of the most amazing feelings I’ve been lucky enough to feel (especially for the extended time). It seemed as if I shed skin after skin, letting go of old perceptions and other things that were no longer serving me. By the time the day came for me to leave I was a new person. I was no longer that little girl that thought happiness could be found in money, sex, or drugs. Well, I never thought to look for happiness in those places, but when those things were a focus in my life I thought I was happy. Does that make sense to you?

I want to help you and people you know find what I found. You deserve to know and love yourself – wherever you may be in life. Fortunately, you don’t need to go on some extravagant trip to do this. Its time to wake up. Its time to surrender. Its time to listen to what the Universe, your body, your soul, and your heart have been telling you. Truly take the time to consider going down this path with me by your side, supporting you every step of the way. You can have a healthy life full of (almost) nothing but love, happiness, forgiveness, and awe. And as for those pesky things that seem to bring us down in life, I will help you to make the best of them and find the silver lining. I believe that everything happens for a reason, even if we might not know what the reason may be in that moment. Don’t you think you deserve a life where you look at everything on the bright side?

I know that you can find balance on every level – spiritually, mentally, physically, and energetically. I know that it can be hard.. especially when we are trying to do it alone. Alone in a world that often seems like it’s out to get us. And thats where I come in…

Please email me for more details if this speaks to you in any way. Remember, there are no mistakes. You are here reading this for a reason.

Love & Light

Email: with “Ready for Growth” in the headline.

Lets go on this adventure called life together!




15 thoughts on “Shaes Been Kidnapped

  1. Adam says:

    Love this! You were mentioning this service and website as a possible upcoming goal.
    Good on ya for making it happen 🙂

    Ps – reply to my email or skype msg sometime when you have a sec 😉

  2. Charlie Ortibolsa says:

    It’s nice to decide grow up. The mission of this life (your of mine) is help to other not only fo the own satisfaction.
    Make your own way touching and helping to others.

  3. Argento says:

    I loved reading your text…its more than a text…your thoughts and impressions. Good to read that are doing fine and I found it also very inspiring. Very soon, I will also start a journey myself, to Australia and the South Pacific and I hope it will provide me with new insights about the world and me. So looking forward to it! I wish you all the best on your journey (although I must admit: the adult industry lost an angel and real beauty!). Stay safe dear Shae.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hey Its great your out to help people be their best selves as a person who’s also involved in this remember its ok if you’re not always the shoulders to lean on at the end of the day we’re all in this boat together. So if you’re ever interested in exchanging thoughts or inspirations we could all learn from each other I’d be happy to listen to what you have to share.

  5. Joshua Tyler says:

    I don’t know you, but what you’ve said is moving to me. I feel that everyone needs a sense of perspective. Its easy to justify the mundane out of either a sense of comfort or even complacency. I’m glad to know you’ve found some perspective that so few have a chance to find. Judging by your reflections, you have a beautiful journey in this life ahead of you and it’s my hope that your mind remains open to all the majesty that this life has to offer. If you’d ever find yourself wanting to have a great conversation, email me. I would love the opportunity to pick your brain.

  6. Andy says:

    Beautifully written. We all, from time to time, carry luggage of discomfort and uncertainty, but rarely is it phrased so eloquently 🙂 It’s a delightful thing, to find peace, temporary or otherwise. It becomes something to carry around, like a photograph in a wallet, to take out and remember when it’s needed.
    Do write more 🙂

  7. Ben says:

    Thanks for sharing Shae. I was drawn to you and your story for some reason. I have been on a journey towards self love having partaken in Kundalini yoga and other forms of self healing similar to yourself has certainly helped raise things to the surface enabling me to shed layers. You are clearly a beautiful divine being inside and out. Much love on your journey. Do you do Skype sessions anymore? Ben – Australia.

    • Ben,

      Sending love back your way! I love hearing about the evolution of others – I’m happy you’re on your way to oneness.

      Yes, I am still available for Skype Shows. You can actually schedule them on the same website as the health consultations. They’re the 18+ ones. You can always request a certain day/time as well, and my schedule will change will have more availability depending on the week.


  8. hossein says:

    I’m very happy for u…found love peace happiness and your way in life journey.
    From far far away accept my best wishes for you and your choice 🙂

  9. steve sanders says:

    thank you for so much insight into myself I feel like I need to go on my own journey. hopefully I will find something or anything like you is just too short not to att least try to find yourself.thank you for being real.

  10. Charles says:

    It’s nice to know you go for an adventures and learned something new. I wish I could travel to wonderful places and meet new friends too. I always want to try something fun like riding a camel , skydiving , hiking and etc. Live life to the fullest

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