Giving Skype a Try

Currently, the cam site I am on charges $6 per minute – but you’d be surprised at how much of that I actually receive. Many of you spend so much on a cam site.. so I figured why not have all of your generous gifts actually go to the girl rather than the site?! After talking with a few people that also do this, looking at the average, I am charging $60 per 15 minutes. Payment is received through PayPal. Please feel free to ask for any time outside of the below schedule, as mine can easily be rearranged to suit your needs (except for today, the 30th). Feel free to post on here, or email me at to schedule your first Skype show with me! Make sure to put “Skype” in the subject line, or I probably won’t answer. Let me know if you have any other questions!

Current Schedule:
Tues, 30 Sept 10am-1130am EST
Wed, 1 Oct 12pm-5pm EST
Thurs, 2 Oct 12pm-5pm EST
Fri, 3 Oct 12pm-8pm EST
Sat, 4 Oct 930am-1230pm EST
Sun, 5 Oct By request only.
Mon, 6 Oct 12pm-5pm EST
Tues, 7 Oct Leaving the country for a few weeks!

I do have camming accounts on both ( and (, so you can also find me on there. I will probably be on one of these sites during the times above when there are no Skype shows scheduled.

I have a very exciting month awaiting me, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! I’ll let you know whats going on before I leave the country, but what I’m really looking forward to is sharing my experiences with you upon my return! I hope you all are having a lovely start to your week! xx


3 thoughts on “Giving Skype a Try

  1. hoophome says:

    A total bargain!! Worth every single penny by elminating the middle man!! Sexy, and smart,you prove once again why you are the most complete package in porn…Will be talking to you soon I’m sure

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