Gypsy Ways

I haven’t yet finished my other blog entry that I was working on earlier today, but I figured I”d go ahead and fill you all in on my upcoming travel plans. Many of you curiously ask me where I am on any given day, or are curious about meet and greets. So here is my current schedule for the next month! I’ll be most flexible when I’m in Atlanta, and the NE.

Atlanta, GA Today – 22 May

Miami, FL 23 May

Bahamas 24 – 26 May

Los Angeles/Malibu, CA 26 May – 1 June

Atlanta, GA 2 – 4 June

Nashville, TN 5 – 6 June

New Orleans, LA 6 – 8 June

Atlanta, GA 8 – 10 June

The NE 11 – 29 June (perhaps a few days more/less)

^ I’ll be driving to and from Atlanta, so I would gladly make stops along the way! Otherwise, I already have plans in Outer Banks, NC;  DC Suburbs, Frederick, and Western MD; Eastern Panhandle in WV; Northern VA; DC; Cumberland Valley of PA;  Jersey Shore in NJ; and NYC! If you’d be interested in meeting me, or doing something, feel free to make me an offer! Please also include what general area you are in, what you’d be interested in doing, what days/times would(n’t) work, and any other details you think I should know. It’d be easiest if you made your requests on my Facebook >>


I already have some trips and such arranged with some of you, and I am looking forward to them! Hopefully I’ll get to spend some time with a few more of you lovelies .. ❤


— By the way —

This is for nothing more than travel and different festivities. If you are interested in something sexual, please do not reply.



15 thoughts on “Gypsy Ways

  1. geoff says:

    hey, i dont have a facebook so ill post my request here and hopefully you can email me back. in june ill be in the dc suburbs and i have a few ideas of some awesome activities (and going to a dog park is definetly one of them!!) i definetly would love to share with you some specific ideas i have and give you more info. thanks!

  2. Marc says:

    Love your ideas about life in general and of course love your movies. If you are able to pass through Raleigh-Durham or Greensboro, NC area between 6/22 to 6/29/14, please let me know. Would love to have a cup of coffee with you.

  3. geoff says:

    i see your looking for love and affection. i want to offer that to you. cuddles! i dont have a facebook but you can email me on here….hope to hear from you soon

  4. Hi Shae: I have an offer for you that I think will be very attractive for you. Can you please inbox your email address and I’ll make sure I send it to you. Thanks. Sam

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