Health is Wealth


Hey guys! Today I’m updating you all on different healthy habits that I decided to partake in (newest to oldest) – aka things I think you should partake in, as well! 

Oil Pulling – Day 2
I obviously haven’t been oil pulling long enough to notice any real difference (yet!), but I can say that my teeth feel very smooth. My teeth have remained extremely smooth throughout the entirety of each of the two days, even after eating, etc. To get my point across, today they feel better than they do after you get them cleaned at the dentist. I’ve researched this a lot in the past week and decided to start out with organic sesame oil, swishing it only in the morning (right after I wake up) for fifteen minutes. After the fifteen minutes are up, I spit the oil in the trash (so that it does not harden in the sink pipes), rinse with salt water, and then brush as usual. I’m hoping that within the next few days I can move up to a tablespoon, but for now I’m using about 2 teaspoons. A lot of people swish with one oil in the morning, and another in the evening. I’m not going to add anything else yet because I’d like to wait and see what each oil does to me, personally – I don’t want to mess with the results of the sesame oil! Not only are there many oral health benefits from this process, but apparently there are also many overall health benefits! 

No Shampooing – Day 4
Okay, so I’ve always heard people talking about “no shampooing,” but I never had time for it. Maybe now you are wondering what I mean by not having time for it. It is a process for your hair to get used to not using traditional shampoo, and in the beginning it causes most people to have pretty greasy looking hair. For some people this can last for over a month which is why I am just getting around to doing it. I must admit it is quite nice only having to work a few days a month! For my shampoo mixture I used 1 cup water, 1tbsp of baking soda, and 1/4tsp of Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Rose Pure Castile Soap. In the future I won’t use Dr. Bronner’s in it, but I didn’t have any essential oils on hand. I’ve also been using the shampoo mix as body wash! My conditioner mixture was 1 cup water with 1tbsp of apple cider vinegar. I have also been avoiding brushing, blow drying, and straightening my hair. To dry my hair, I’ve been making a turban like wrap from a long sleeve cotton shirt. I’ve actually found my hair to feel lighter, and its even been curlier – which I love! I don’t have as many complaints as most people do.. I think this habit is definitely going to stick! 

I’ve always had a deep interest in meditation, but at the same time, I could never focus enough to really meditate. In the past, I’ve attended group meditation sessions, and was able to succeed, but rarely ever on my own. About two weeks ago I attended a two hour meditation workshop at a yoga studio I regularly attend, and I now again have motivation. I’m not even close to where I’d like to be, but I have made a lot of improvement in such a short amount of time! Before meditating I ask myself a series of questions: who am I, what do I want, what am I grateful for, and what is my dharma (aka my purpose in life). Honestly, my original reason for wanting to get into meditation was for a gateway to astral projection. I’ve been out of body twice, but have not been able to actually leave. If any one out there is experienced in this department then you are exactly the person I’d enjoy talking to. But over time as I have learned more and more about the benefits of meditation, there are so many other reasons why I want to make it a daily practise of mine. 

Juice Cleanse
I completed my first real juice cleanse about a month ago, and I loved my results! I did it for five days, and was proud of myself for that. The only thing that I missed was chewing! I didn’t crave ANY foods, even when other people were eating in front of me – it was just the action that I craved. Throughout the five days I felt perfectly fine, except when doing hot yoga. Juice alone was not enough for me to be able to do hot yoga, and I even walked out of one of my classes about fifteen minutes into it as I was so weak. I did some research, and the next day before hot yoga I made a green juice and then put it in the blender with half of an avocado and an egg (yolk only). That kept me eating no solids, yet it allowed me to have protein and good fat for the calories that I was burning. I plan to do a juice cleanse every month from here on out, but only three days at a time. These cleanses help to cut on general cravings, and are a good “reset” for me, personally. 

As many of you know, I often drive for very long periods of time.. and by that I mean ten, fifteen, twenty hours plus at a time! This past January I finally broke down and went to see a chiropractor in Maryland for the first time. In my years, I’ve heard more bad things than good things about chiropractors, but my grandmother just went on and on about this one in particular. So, I gave him a shot, and ended up very surprised – happily surprised. It was not invasive, and it only took about a minute. The chiropractor I went to was able to find my two main spots that I have pain almost instantly! That definitely made me more open and trusting. Have you ever had a bad experience with a chiropractor? I’m curious what style it was. Here’s the site where you can find one like mine ~

Come on.. this is an obvious one. Yoga offers so many health benefits that I can’t even wrap my head around them! I haven’t really practised yoga since I got my wisdom teeth pulled, and I really notice the difference in my body. I wake up feeling achy every morning, and I realise that I really can never again go this long without doing yoga! I usually do hot yoga when I go to a studio because at home I can do other types more easily. If you lack the time or motivation, you should try even doing five minutes of yoga when you wake up, and five minutes before you go to bed – every little bit counts! 


I would love for any of you that have tried any of these things to share your experience with me! I would also love to hear any other things that you think I should try out!  I hope you all enjoy your night, and the rest of your week! 





13 thoughts on “Health is Wealth

  1. Todd says:

    Hi Shae. Glad to see you did a scene with India and I loved it. Two questions. Is there any new female performer you would really like to work with. Any thoughts about a fetish or bdsm shoot at

  2. J says:

    There are good and bad chiropractor’s. I know some patients swear by it, but most doctors are suspicious about how truly effective that its practitioners claim it to be due to the vast lack of scientific research. I see it as more of a physiotherapist-type massage that corrects posture, leading to pain relief. But satisfaction is not the same as effectiveness.
    Bewary of those who promise too much or make you attend frequent sessions, as its scope is only really musculoskeletal problems. Like popping your knuckles, there’s no scientific evidence that ‘adjusting the spine’ by ‘cracking’ it means much. Also neck manipulation can be potentially dangerous.

    Regarding astral projection, could you describe what it was like? Could you see yourself? Seems like a curious phenomenon.
    When I used to meditate, on the occasions when my mind ascended to a point of total clarity, reaching a plane of oneness with myself with the whole universe, I would not describe it as an ‘out-of-body experience’; although it was very mind-blowing and eye-opening.

  3. hoophomer says:

    Hi Shae. Those are some Healthy Habits indeed!!! I have been hearing a lot about oil pulling recently, seems to be very in vogue toxin treatment plan right now, but you are the first I have heard do it, be sure to let us know your experiences. I enjoy these entries, learning about your habits, your interests what you value in life etc. They all humanize you beyond the sexy starlet we see on screen. Looking forward to seeing you on cam tomorrow :)!!

  4. Johnny says:

    Dearest Shae,

    wow, you continue to amaze and inspire with each new post. Reading through these I was wondering if you might share with us ( or we can continue the discussion we’ve already started in private) more about how people you encounter in your non-porn world react when they and if they find out about your work in the industry, I’m thinking people like your dentist/yoga group/chiro doc. I would imagine most of those are pretty uerstanding, but I think it would be interesting about what your interactions are like with those people…also, since this is the post about health, can you share with us how you square such obviously healthy choices for your body with being in this line of work where disease can be just beneath the surface with so many of the people who work with you. Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you again!


  5. BWayne says:

    Hi Shae

    What an amazing person you are. Glad you are taking good care of yourself. You’re so right about health is wealth. Thanks for sharing your tips. Looking forward to your next posting.

  6. teelov2 says:

    Hi Shae,
    I just seen a video you and was amazed by your beauty and innocent looking personality. Then I wondered if this woman is as stunning as she seems, so I look you up online and find this website and I read on. I am amazed by your entries , it ready gives your readers a better feel for you on a personal level. I have always wanted to try yoga to get in tune with the inner person in me. I am just curious what made you start doing yoga and where did you get the motivation?

  7. Shae,

    This is my second read of your most recent blog and I am intrigued that you are considering so many things. Most I can’t speak to, but as a Soto Zen Buddhist, I meditate regularly. Meditation is a practice that is very long term in order to see results. Dogen describes zazen (the meditation of zen buddhists) as, “Just sitting, blind and dumb.” so that the purpose is to just let your mind do nothing ( or as close to it as you can get). To describe all about meditative techniques would take way too long here. But if you’re interested, I will answer any questions you have to the best of my ability… But it is a wonderful practice. Let me know if I can help. Thanks…. and stay searching until the path avails itself to you. Best wishes, peace.


  8. Johnny says:

    Shae it was great hearing from you the other day!!. Am very hopeful that the “faith trust and a little pixie dust” will be working their wonders soon and we can talk again!

  9. oldguinness says:

    well, I prefer a massage therapist, the ones I see there is no happy ending, they do more…..I believe of a deep tissue body massage, usually there is a lot of pain……My father had rumatory arthritis, and after seeing a massage therapist for two or three weeks, he no longer looked like a pretzel when he moved, it convinced me too see the same woman, my feet had bean numb for quite a while from working on them on the time….. it took a lot of sessions but well I have all feeling back in my feet :-)…….. my first time with a chiropractor, I hated…..he hooked up some electrodes too my back…….think it is called tinge…but whatever, it hurt like hell….wanted too come off the table and beat his ass…….but the second chiropractor , I saw was like this 150 year old asian man that stood about 4ft nothing and also did acupuncture, he gave me some herbal tea kind of stuff too drink for several, days…. tasted like dirt, but as he put it I was going too need it for my adjustment, …….. seem like he knew what he was doing……and I have read several of your posts and I am saying wow……you are an impressive person, just in general, WOW! thats not the porn or the big tittys, that is you…. you are impressive at your age for your thought process and where you are, I doubt that one of your travels would want too be oklahoma, but if it is, I would be more then happy to take care of whatever expenses, be happy and be blessed, again you post……. made me smile, honestly I am not sure if its the vids I watched of you or your posts…..but still just the same, yeah you have made me smile a lot 🙂

  10. robert says:

    Hi Shae
    When I first saw you, I was looking up pictures on a site called coed cherry. I came across your pics and nearly fell in love. I was so memorized by your gorgeous face and your absolutely beautiful breasts. I just had to know more about you. I ended up following you on instagram and facebook, tgen ended up here. I’m so glad you have this site and I find it very interesting. Well anyways keep up the good work lol and I will always look forward to seeing your beautiful face and body.

  11. Magic Sperles says:

    Hi Shae,

    Big fan! My first question is – what was it like to transition to larger size penises? Second, do you ever fall in love with any of your co-stars?


  12. Osgar says:

    Hello Shae!

    I’m from Brazil and I study Hermetic Astrology. By taking a quick look at your Birth Chart, I can tell that you are not too far from your dharma… You should take a look at it if you can. The website Astrotheme ( is a good start! It would be better if you could study astrology yourself… It will be easier to understand your personality, vices, virtues and talents. Dane Rudhyar was a great astrologer and his work is available for free in
    In regards to Astral Projection, I wouldn’t recommend to do it alone, as it can be a VERY unpleasant experience… It would be better to have someone who is experienced in it to assist you. The books: The Projection of the Astral Body
    by Sylvan Muldoon & Hereward Carrington and Journeys Out of the Body by Robert A. Monroe are some of the best on the subject.
    Well, I hope I could help you with your quest for spiritual health!

  13. Hi Shae,
    I have had a very good experience with a chiropractor. His name is Thomas Bloink, in Los Gatos, CA. He practices a combination of chiropractic and Neuro Emotional Therapy. This is a technique that enables the doctor to diagnose issues in your health, even ones that have an emotional origin, and sometimes ones that conventional doctors can’t help. I had two sessions with him at two different times, and they helped me overcome areas where I was stuck, feeling distrustful and defensive emotionally, etc. He helped me regain parts of my emotions that had been shut down since childhood. He can get access to early childhood experiences that we often suppress, “forget”, or don’t recognize the full importance of.

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