Everything Happens for a Reason

As I lay here Inhaling amber and sandalwood, feeling goosebumps form from the breeze off the lake, soaking up rays of sunshine, and drowning in melodies of CoCoRosie… my heart rate is slow and steady; my body is relaxed. I love stretching from head to toe, letting my body unravel with every breath. Each unravelling further inspires my contentment. 

Yesterday I unfortunately found out that the cabin I spoke of previously is rented. There was a couple that hadn’t made up their mind (whether or not they wanted the cabin) when I stumbled upon it, and sadly, they signed a lease. In waiting for a response, I told my mother (being half way serious) that I was going to move to LA if I didn’t get this place. To me, it was meant to be, or it simply wasn’t. Perhaps I belong in LA for the time being because I think that was a sign. Last night I also found out that there is a place for me out there already, which is another sign to me. I’m not in love with LA, but its good to experience change. My idealistic lifestyle of homesteading isn’t going anywhere, except into my future. If I’m being realistic, it only makes sense for me to live in South Florida or (especially) LA while I’m in the Industry for my main income. Some of you may wonder why I don’t just look for another place to live out the plans I made. Well, I did. I looked over roughy fifteen states, and no luck. There are four other places that I like in four different states (GA, NC, SC, CO), but none of them compare. This is not what I envisioned, or what I wanted, but I have faith in the Universe and trust wherever it chooses to take me. Besides, my happiness is within me. Its not reliant on anything else, so what do I have to lose?


* Wisdom Teeth *
The swelling from my wisdom teeth has (FINALLY!) completely diminished. If you touch my cheeks you can still feel the swelling, but its no longer visible. When I got them removed, I actually woke up during the procedure, and it took twice as long as it was supposed to! The dentist had to cut each of the four teeth four different times to be able to extract them. Many of you asked if I took anything for the pain, and eventually, yes, I did. The first few days I was able to tough it out. A few days passed, and there were things that I had to accomplish that required me getting off of the couch. That, and I wasn’t able to sleep at night because the pain was so bad. So, yes.. Vicodin came into the picture. 

* Twerk Twerk Twerk All Day Long *
I actually don’t have enough ass to twerk, so we’ll just stick to work! Hahaha. As most of you know, I happily resigned with Reality Kings for another six months. I currently have 11 scenes out, which you can find on RealityKings.com (8 scenes), HdLove.com (2 scenes), and GfRevenge.com (1 scene). I won’t be shooting again until the last week of April! 

* One on One Time *
I have recently started offering chances to spend one on one time with me. The price tag of said time covers my travel expenses, and whatever we end up doing. Its not something that I will be making money from, but its even better. It allows me a chance to experience things with new people, and vice versa. I am fascinated by many of you, and would appreciate the pleasure of getting to know you. I will probably announce one of these once a month on here and/or on my twitter. Feel free to suggest and request things as well. All ideas are most definitely welcome! 

Hope you have a weekend full of merriment and love, Darlings.. ! 






6 thoughts on “Everything Happens for a Reason

  1. hoophomer says:

    Such a complete update on so many things you have been filling us all in on here and elsewhere! I love reading whats going on in your life, the good and the bad. I am sorry the GA cabin did not work out for you, as you say it is something you can move to the future. I have never been to LA, but maybe you are right, maybe it is the best place for you now :).

    I’m glad to hear the wisdom teeth swelling and pain is finally gone!! I didn’t want to scare you when you told us about this because everyone has different experiences but when I had mine removed, the first one shattered and was incredibly painful, and took so much longer to do that the dentist didn’t do all 4 at once as he had planned. Sounds sort of similar to what you went through. Anyway it was by far the most pain I have ever had, I hope yours wasn’t as bad as that. Funny thing though is as you had swelling from your teeth, i have had a swollen tongue for about a week from some dentistry work also! We are like “swell-buddies”. Not even sure what happened, the procedure went fine it was after the novocaine wore off I have had this swollen tongue! For about 3 days I couldn’t even talk, any word with an L hurt my tongue too much! Yesterday it started feeling better thankfully.

    As for the “one on ones”, I love that you are willing to do this to meet us and we have been discussing something recently, but haven’t heard back from my last couple messages, hope you are still interested…I absolutely am totally into it : and hope we can talk more about it this weekend :)!!!!

  2. Johnny says:

    wow what a wonderful wonderful update very very glad to hear from you and I am eagerly awaiting the next message from you so we can initiate that Skype call the one on one ideas sounds fantastic and I cannot wait to hear from you xoxo

  3. Shae, I’ve been looking to see if you’ve been in scenes that are on DVD and I guess you’re SO new to the industry that the answer is no. I loved reading your first blog entry and I find it fascinating. I’ve met several women who have been in the industry and every story seems to be unique. Fascinating. I noticed that you also mentioned having “one-on-one” time with fans. I am new to you but I find that very intriguing and would love to learn more. Would you please email me at the email that goes with this comment; I’d love to talk details with you. If you can’t get the email from this comment, let me know and we’ll find another way ( maybe through FB or Twitter or maybe Skype if you do that…. I have done that very seldom but do have an account). I’d really love to know if you’ll ever do a scene on DVD as I’d get it in a heart-beat. Please stay well and I’d love to hear from you. Thank you.


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