This Ever Changing Life

I just got back from a little hike in the woods. My feet, and the bottom of my pants are still wet from walking through the creek, hopping from rock to rock. My hair is curly from the wind drying it, and my skin warm from the kisses of the sun. Sweet sounds from The Honey Trees are currently filling my ears. I feel peaceful. I am at peace. I am peace. 

Life is every changing (especially mine recently). No one is pulling me in any direction for once in my life. I took control, opened the cage door, grabbed a pair of scissors and cut all of the loose strings, knotted the ends.. and then I flew away. I found myself.. and I found myself nestled in the heavenly mountains of Georgia. In these mountains I found a picturesque cabin that would be the perfect place to free my soul. The perfect place for me to spend my days gardening, cooking, hiking, writing, meditating, horseback riding, kayaking, reading, crafting, practising yoga, and doing whatever else my little heart desires. I should be finding out today if this place is mine. If not, it will be upsetting, but everything happens for a reason. 

I sent a letter to a dear friend of mine this morning who is in need of some Love, and in it I quoted a line that I’ve been carrying with me for the past few weeks – “Don’t lose a diamond while chasing glitter.” The way I’ve been looking at it is I am the diamond, and everyone and everything around me is the glitter. I can’t keep chasing people, and places, and things. I need to be here, in this moment, loving who I am, what I have, and what I have to offer. Not only that, but I need to spread it like a pleasurable infection. I’m so tired of distractions, and facades. They drain so much energy, and I’m so tired of being tired. 

Happiness is a choice. I hope today you choose to be happy. I hope you choose to be happy every time it is ‘today’. You deserve it. 




8 thoughts on “This Ever Changing Life

  1. sean says:

    It amazes me at your age what you see through those remarkable eyes. Some of the things you say leave me gasping for breath because it took me so many years to achieve the vision to realize that you can be happy in life. If you ever write a book I would be one of the first people to purchase it and I would read it cover to cover. Maybe even twice. Thank you

  2. hoophomer says:

    Wow, just wow…your words are so simple but speak so much. You are so wise, way beyond your years, you understand already so many things about the power of internal happiness, how to achieve it in the way that individually works for you, and to not let life’s distractions interfere with finding and maintaining that internal happiness. These are things that so many people never discover. It really sounds like you are taking some of Simran Singh’s ideas you have been reading straight into your heart. You amaze me more and more with each and every little piece I learn about you. I hope you get good news on the cabin very soon, I’ll be thinking good thoughts for you :)!!!

  3. Johnny says:

    Hey there Beautiful One,

    so nice to see more words from you on here, always a delight, and these words especially so!! Talk to you soon.

  4. Rob says:

    From the moment I first stumbled upon you on I immediately associated you with the movie “the girl next door” You brought an authentic quality, that is not present in most other girls. In the movie the neighbor is seen as this over the top hottie and later you find out she was a porn star. But you quickly realize, that its what she “did” not who she was. I correlate that to you. Porn may be what you “do” for a living to get you through college and what not. But who you are is another story. It’s nice to see a glimpse of that authenticity.

  5. Alex Jan says:

    You really deserve hapiness, and I’m glad to see you’re happy with who you are, and how you are. Go on being like this.

  6. Some french dude says:

    Hi Shae ! I’m not particularly fluent in english but i can recommand you that lil’ video, which your post made me think about. You know, happiness, the diamond idea, nature, mountains, force of will, force of nature, living your “human beingness” (is “beingness” a correct english word?) etc.

    By the way, would you recommand us a book that you liked or that means something special to you ?

    Take care.
    See ya ! ; )

  7. Steven says:

    wow. the things you say are simply amazing. have you ever heard the term old soul in a young body? it means that you might be young, but you are full of such amazing wisdom. that’s an amazing thing to have. i really wish that i could meet you and just talk with you; that would just make me happy. here’s to you having a wonderful life.

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