Pinky Promise

I promised you guys that I would finally post something on my site this week – so here I am. A few of you happily gave me ideas for my very first post, and the one I liked the most was explaining how I came up with the web address.

I thought (about his) long and hard (haha, just kidding..) about the web address, and absolutely loved Kidnapping Shae. It was one of the first that I thought of, but I wasn’t sure if it sounded too odd, or if it would just be confusing. So I kept it in the back of my mind, and continued to think. Nothing seemed to suit me more than that, and my mother even agreed. There are so many bits and pieces between Shae and I that are similar, yet there are so many differences. You all have seen me being me, entirely so. But Shae.. Shae has given me an outlet, an escape if you will. Its almost as if Shae and I have gotten to the same point in life, but we had different paths and backgrounds to get here. She’s made me willing to try new things, more outgoing, more confident, more comfortable in my own skin.. and simply, much happier. I feel like I kidnapped this beautiful person, and selfishly used her to help me grow. I don’t want her to stay part of my life forever, but I will always remember her, and cherish what she has made me.

Guys.. keep in mind that the more you ask me to write, and request things for me to write about, the more I will keep up with posting! I know this is short, and not as detailed as I would’ve liked.. but this little girl is sleepy and has so many of you to reply to on Twitter and Facebook.

Lots of Love.

xx me


P.S. – I promise I’m not schizophrenic. (;


29 thoughts on “Pinky Promise

  1. Dexter says:

    For your very first I must say it is quiet good.
    You can write about your first job and your past good/bad experiences.

    P.S: BTW, I already signed up..yay!

  2. Johnny says:

    I have been a porn connosieur for over 30 years…..I cannot recall a girl as hot as you!! You look absolutely PERFECT…everything, your face, your hair, and the sheer obvious enthusiasm that you put into your work….the men and women who get to enjoy you on video have no idea how truly lucky they are. You literally take my breath away and am VERY eager to see more of you. Anxiously awaiting your first gangbang. Would LOVE to see you ravaged and abused by about 10 dudes, want to see you soaking and covered in cum. Please tell me this will be happening soon?

      • Johnny says:

        Hey Shae….Delighted you wrote back! I absolutely meant it, you are truly something special in the pron industry…expecting great things from you in the years to come. PM me when you get a chance. I have been perusing your Amazon wish list and am going to be surprising you soon:-) Also wanted to talk with you about a possible private gig. Have you ever had a Sugar Daddy before?


      • Thanks for making me smile so much, Johnny. I’m not so sure I’ll be doing porn for years, but we shall see. Anything on there would be a lovely surprise (: No, I’ve never really had a sugar daddy before. I had multiple offers before I was in the industry, but I was too nervous.. haha.

        And I think what brought me to the business is a good post for me to do within the next few days. Thanks!

  3. hoophomer says:

    Amazing first entry Shae, you are a good writer, I understand what you wrote and how it truly comes from your heart. I am glad “Shae” has helped you get out of your shell and explore things, and to help you grow as a complete person. I found you because of porn, and I love your work as Shae, but as someone who has spent time on your twitter or on naked the real treasure about you is not just your physical beauty and “Shae” persona, but the rest of you that you are sharing with all of us, the real “you”. Shae + you = an absolutely amazing person unlike anyone I have ever met before. I am enjoying so much to get know this person and feel so blessed you are sharing this person with me.

      • hoophomer says:

        Hi Shae! To know I’m making you smile and hear about you and your life in and our of porn, makes me extremely happy. Other people have made lots of good suggestions about what to write, about so I won’t add to this growing list 😉 .. Johnny above mentioned something i have also been looking at, your amazon wish list, I know what I want to get you but the only thing in your mailing address is ft lauderdale. what is the actual address? I’m sure you don’t want to give that out here for privacy/security, Would you e-mail me your mailing address directly at

      • Win, win.. we’re both happy. Well if you do happen to come up with a unique idea for me to write about, feel free to pass it along (: I have a P.O. box in Fort Lauderdale. I don’t currently have an address. Legit.

      • hoophomer says:

        Duh I actually knew that! Staying at a friends house now and all. OK what about the PO box #? (again e-mail me if you don;t want to put it out there publicly) All I see on amazon for your address is Ft Lauderdale, I’m sure you make all the postmen really happy when you stop by and they give you good service but I’m pretty sure if I just address is to Ft Laud you’re not gonna get it 😦

      • No worries, its cool (: I thought you said you saw something on my amazon wishlist that you wanted to get? If so then there is no need to address. I’ve never given it out before 😮

      • hoophomer says:

        I see now, when i actually go to checkout at amazon your address is there but hidden for privacy. I feel like an idiot. Sorry for the confusion…at least you’re gonna get some nice stuff you want !

    • hoophomer says:

      Just placed the order with amazon! I couldn’t stop adding things to the order so I am calling it the mind/body/spirit care package lol. Supposed to arrive Wednesday so get ready to check your PO Box :)!!

  4. Very interesting first entry Shae, do you think many other people in the business have done something similar or do most of them just use their screen names as just that – a screen name?

    As for potential topics for future entries, I noticed on twitter you had a picture about not caring about football. I think it would be cool if you gave us a little background on what sorts of things you do like. Things like hobbies, sports, pets, etc.

    Anyways, thanks for the post. Looking forward to reading more!

    • You know.. I’m honestly not sure. Theres only two people in the business that I have taken the time to get to know at all.. and the one I still don’t know very well. I don’t take too much interest in the people on a personal level, although I do find the industry rather fascinating.

      My hobbies and interests.. good idea! I’d like to get a lot more personal with these entries, and sway away from being too much on the surface. But I suppose in the beginning it is good to have more background here so you can really get an all around feel for who I am.

  5. Argento says:

    You’re so sweet, sexy and nice and interesting. Just keep your thoughts flowing like in the first blog entry – would love to learn more about your two personalities which sometimes merge into one. Looking forward to it;-)

    • Oh man.. you totally make it sound like I’m schizophrenic or have multiple personalities or something. Hahahah, oh well. Happy you’re looking forward to it.. theres a lot more to come!

  6. Johnny says:

    As far as a topic of interest, I am always fascinated by how you came to find yourself in the business. How? Where? When? Why? Who? 🙂 Were you hesitant to make the leap, or was it pretty easy to go from being a civilian to a starlet? Can’t wait to read you answers.

  7. Johnny says:

    Hi Shae!

    What a great surprise to find you responded again. You made my day!! 🙂 I am not at all surprised that you had multiple offers, but I am very surprised that you never took anyone up on the offers out of nervousness, I would think performing on camera with total strangers would be more nerve wracking, not to mention all of the risks associated with the industry….Very glad you did it though, I mean, like I said, you are stunning. It’s like the other girls don’t even exist…you have a sweetness and a raw sensuality that is incredibly rare in this business. It really comes through onscreen. I am going to be placing an order for you tonight, and I am 100% serious about being your SD, Full Time Daddy, White or Gold. Name your price Sugar.

  8. Josh says:

    Hi Shae. Wow, first all, you’re stunning. Discovered you on I cannot wait to see more of your content.

    Love the idea of this blog! Will be great reading more. I know I’d love to hear some behind the scenes stories as well as your personal experience in the industry. If you’re ever interested, one thing to do for some easy extra cash would be getting on the college circuit. Around ten years ago as an undergrad I was part of the student group who brought in speakers and hosted events. I lobbied for a panel of porn stars and expected to take a lot of heat from women’s groups on campus, as well as everyone in our group. The exact opposite happened. Everyone thought it was a great idea and we really tried to make it happen. Unfortunately, there was only one actress doing this at the time, and she was retired and worked in the industry in the 70s–totally different monster than what we have today.

    Anyway, best of luck to you with your blog, and I can’t wait to watch your career unfold. My wife is also a fan of yours. 😉

  9. geoff says:

    why does everyone always say silver springs! imagine we would all start saying im going to the miamis! so obviously i dropped a “rock” of hint lol. but no one for sure will know what im talking about besides for you because for some reason everyone thinks there are multiple springs! anyways, that was completely random for a 6 am blog post. just discovered you (and your twitter) today. i must say, these posts on here are truly wonderfully articulate. much of the advice is pertinent to me and something i am currently going through, although i am still thoroughly lost with how to deal with my situation. blah the blog comments section is certainly not the place to leave this but i dont know where else to leave it. i wont say anything else on here since this is public….

  10. Johnd446 says:

    Hahahahahahaha, this politics related YouTube video is really so comical, I loved it. Thanks in favor of sharing this. edfedgdagbed

  11. Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my twitter group? Theres lots of people that I believe would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thanks dageggddfagefdce

  12. Israel says:

    Hi, Shae… I’m a guy interested on Astrology and reading the personality through this tool has always been interesting for me… and obviously i’m interested on your natal profile… I hope you don’t mind… but such thing requires the birth-time… could you provide me this data (birth-time)?… it would be amazing to have the opportunity to read your natal chart… 😀 … what do you think? …

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